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What can anyone do? Is this a hopeless
situation? Hoping for dreams that may never
come true?
Dana Malloway couldn't be happier. She
is married to a wonderful, caring man,
and they're expecting their first child
together. Even though she's experiencing
the pangs of fear and anticipation, Dana
knows that this child will complete her
life in every way possible.
But during her pregnancy, Dana receives
the shattering news that her baby's heart
valve hasn't fully developed. After Dana's
baby is born, the child must have a heart
transplant in order to survive. The
procedure carries risks, but Dana knows
that she can make no other choice: she
must save her baby's life.
Drawing on an inner strength she didn't
know she possessed, Dana fights for her
daughter's life. Stress, heartache, and
grief threaten to overwhelm her and her
family, but Dana perseveres. While
others give up hope, Dana refuses to
submit to despair, even when all seems
lost. What follows is a heartrending story
of sacrifice and hope and the incredible
bond between mother and child.
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ISBN: 9780595914746
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