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June Browning has been a speaker in Lectureships, Devotionals, and Retreats in many cities and states. Numerous people have asked her to put her lectures in a book. So, she has transcribed the tapes of her lectures. She has made each lecture a separate chapter in the book. This book is designed to inspire people to live closer to God, and to put their trust in Him!

Read the names of the chapters, in the Table Of Contents, and you’ll get excited. Reading this book will teach you how to be more like Jesus, how to live closer to God, how to wear the Christian Armor, how to use your weapon, the Sword of the Spirit, and many other attributes that the Christian needs.

It is easy reading. When you read it, you will feel like June is sitting right there, talking, only, to you. It is so interesting that you will not want to put it down.

It is a small book that can be read, almost, at one sitting. People like that because, today, our time is so limited.

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