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In 1989, the United States District Court in Mobile, Alabama was the setting for a 5-week trial involving drug smugglers from Miami and the Keys. The main defendant and the topic of the story was Dickie Lynn of Tavernier, Florida. He and other folks from the Upper Keys imported 16 tons of cocaine up "the 88," the line of longitude that runs smack dab through Mobile and into rural hunting camps.

The scheme had many moving parts: an aircraft would depart from Miami and arrive in Columbia; it would be refueled in Belize; an impromptu landing field would be constructed at some site here; offloaders would arrive from all parts of the country; and within minutes the contraband and the field were gone. It worked well until two pilots died in a fiery crash and a subsequent trip that involved a dangerous encounter with local police. Lynn was convicted, given a life sentence, escaped from federal prison, was recaptured and retried. Why does he not deserve to be there?

Written by one of the trial attorneys, Apprehended is partly a commentary on the federal system and a critique of one of its failings told in crime pulp fashion. It features some prominent issues and personalities such as the United States Attorney (now Senator) Jeff Sessions, Miami lawyers Roy Black and Steve Bronis, the Bay of Pigs, agency jealousies and machinations, governmental corruption and other clandestine intrigues.
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