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Jon Smith keeps a diary of stories concerning the hotly debated Legislation 75, which mandates death for all people by lethal injection on their seventy-fifth birthdays. The topic hits close to home when Jon receives his first invitation to a "going-away party" from his new friend Bennie.

Following Bennie's state-mandated death, Jon walks daily with his dog and regularly encounters Bennie, who is in another dimension. Bennie reveals to Jon that he had participated in the government's covert Fountain of Youth Project, which has shown that certain manipulations of body chemistry and cellular structure slow the human aging process to a crawl. Public exposure of the project is forbidden due to the financial impact it would have on the pharmaceutical industry, but Jon is compelled to find a way to bring the Fountain of Youth Project to the public eye.

This thought-provoking novel examines the implications of government-dictated termination and the many physical, emotional, and spiritual considerations of a mandated end to life-however vibrant-at age seventy-five. It explores how we age, what truly constitutes quality of life, and where people find meaning and purpose.
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