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In the future, the existence of the human race hangs by a thread. Earth is being besieged by alien forces, and physicist Ben Simon must develop a weapon system to stop the scourge and save humanity.

The largest enemy is the Cylots, an alien population of human-sized insects. They are destroyers who never lose-a space plague that leaves dead bodies and lifeless planets in its wake.

Much of Earth's progress in research and development was obliterated when the Cylots destroyed the planet's research facilities. Simon must go back in time to retrieve the formula that could possibly defeat the Cylots. Joining him is Mectar, an alien metamorph and special operations soldier from the planet Kia. Originally assigned to assassinate Simon during the Earth-Kian wars, Mectar is now delegated to protect him. After traveling back to the early twenty-first century, they team up with research technician Beth Grey, and the three search for the formula and battle the Cylots.

Action packed and fast moving, Currently Dead takes science fiction lovers on a journey through time, not knowing which human form can be trusted.

The runaway best seller on both planets Lalia and Parador is now available on Earth. It's the actual future history of Earth the story of physicist Ben Simon, and the fight to develop a weapon system to stop the Cylot scourge and save humanity.

"It's a wonderful story."-Queen Lynth of Lalia

"It changed my life."-Mectar the Kian

"I had a larger part in the version published on Parador."-Razqual of Parador
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ISBN: 9780595900862
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