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Fabrice plays with a butterfly knife, Dragomir explodes bombs, and Fausto is the leader of the Mafia. Ms. Psi, the Instigator Par Excellence, has a master plan to bring about their downfall. Everything is going well until two jealous Instigators decide to sabotage her plan. Chaos and the loss of innocent lives are the results of their interference. When terrorists kill Fausto's wife and son during a soccer game in Bremen, Germany, he seeks revenge. In Houston, a European drug lord beats and rapes the daughter of a former modern pentathlon champion. Jane Kari Callahan, her mother, seeks revenge. Jane hires Wolfgang von Sturm, a former GSG-9 field agent, to track down the notorious drug lord. The Instigator Par Excellence devises a new master plan. She intends to use the anger and hatred in the hearts of Fausto and Jane to complete the original plan. Will it work?
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ISBN: 9780595909018
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