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Happy Pants
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Happy Pants is a positive and motivating original biography depicting the author's unorthodox clothing choice. It briefly, yet delightfully shares a minuscule of individuals diverse reactions to the authors most obvious differences-her wardrobe.
Uniquely, the author links her personal style to the joy it brings others as well as shares the gratifying happiness she experiences through their comments and inspirational events.
The author has spent a lifetime observing individual behavior and reaction to what may appear to one as different, odd, and even out of place. From her notes and incomparable personal encounters she gives demonstration to how color can add a sense of wonder and confidence to a person's life.
What the author would like to achieve from Happy Pants is to lightly and blissfully broaden social awareness through the benefits of color as a universal tool en route for diversity acceptance and compassion with regard to the people with whom we so necessarily share our world.
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