The Hunt for Bigfoot
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Who are the TRUE hominids?

Read "The Hunt for Bigfoot" for one possible solution.

Katy Gallagher, website designer and would-be anthropologist, and historian Charlie Bergren scour the Earth for proof that current evolutionary theories are flawed. Their quest turns dangerous when Katy is threatened and Charlie vanishes. Katy joins forces with Charlie’s son, amateur Egyptologist Rick Bergren, to find Charlie. Plunging into the depths of Michigan’s north woods, they tumble into a double–edged mystery -- a hidden Bigfoot society protected by an ancient race with highly advanced technology who will stop at nothing to keep their secrets and a mysterious billionaire willing, for his own reasons, to kill to preserve the Bigfoot legend.

To stay alive, Katy and Rick must unravel an enigma half a billion years in the weaving. They must find the creatures science says cannot exist.

“A lively, exciting and gripping piece of fiction based around the Bigfoot mystery — and a number of other mysteries, too!” Nick Redfern, Phenomena magazine

“An exciting, well–researched, rollercoaster ride of a novel. I enjoyed every last page.” Paul Vella, Center for Fortean Zoology

“So, did I enjoy this book? Do I recommend it? Yes to both. Good reading.” Dan Fabian, Bard’s Ink
Published: Jacobsville Books (Slipdown Mountain Publications LLC) on
ISBN: 9781934631249
List price: $4.95
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