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Are you one of the 80,000,000 non-voters who are fed up and don't feel it's worth their effort to vote for politicians who say the right things to get elected and once in office do the wrong things (or do nothing)? Do you feel they just keep kicking the same old can of greed and self interest down the same old political road? If so, then this story will interest you. It about what could happen if that can they keep kicking hits a solid brick wall composed of the will of all of the fed up voters. Marc Maillett is a well traveled young professor in the Political Science Department at Stanton University. He has undertaken an a-political project of researching the causes of, and possible cures for, the deterioration of the electoral system. In the course of the project he became alarmed that in the last presidential election more than 52% of citizens who registered to vote did not do so because they were either disgusted, disillusioned or disappointed with our political system and its politicians. To conclude the project he seeks and is given a grant to conduct a study of the upcoming presidential election by directly participating in the campaigns of the major candidates. He hopes to see and define how the special interest groups trade big money and/or votes for legislative commitments - most of which are counter to the voter’s best interest. Harry Stennis is a fourth generation Texan who has twice been elected one of its U.S. Senators. Harry is using his substantial family fortune to self-fund a unique presidential campaign as an independent and thereby avoid having to sell his soul for campaignmoney. He is driven by his consuming desire to form a government“of the people, by the people and for the people”. His slim chance of winning hangs on his ability to motivate those disillusioned citizens to go to the polls and vote. 'The People's Party' is a timely novel which factually portrays how we arrived at today’s broken electoral system which serves the special interests groups rather than the will of the people. It demonstrates what could happen if the disillusioned and or the disenfranchised voters found someone they could believe in and trust. It is factual enough to be believed and entertaining enough to be enjoyed.
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