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Mean Streets RPG (Core PDF)

Length: 67 pages2 hours



Explore the best and bleakest aspects of film noir, presenting a concept with which to portray detectives, femmes fatale, desperate district attorneys, grifters and con artists, government agents, and reporters during the Classic Age of 1940's film noir. Mean Streets includes special rules for investigations, chases, and using connections, as well as a full-length adventure, numerous story ideas, reference sheets, and fifteen ready-to-use character templates.

Mean Streets is a roleplaying game designed to be both easy to learn and fast-paced. The versatile genreDiversion i (1.1) 2d6 rules make it perfect for one-shot games, extended play, or as a framework for your own ideas. Plus you can combine it with our Active Exploits Diceless System for diceless film noir adventure. genreDiversion i games can also be combined to expand gaming options--mix and match custom rules and features from one game with another.

In short, Mean Streets is fast, ready-to-use, and adaptable. You don't have to learn a complicated system, refer to scores of tables, or spend all day creating characters. The rules are easy to learn, consistent, and flexible. You can either create custom characters for the game or dive right in with any of the included templates. The game is designed to be light; it has a small footprint and extremely low price tag - it's not overloaded with tons of rules or an excess of information you just won't need. It's meant to get you running quickly so you can have a good time.

The game is primarily set in New York City, but any location will do. Go back to the Forties and draw on classic films for your inspiration. Chase down missing persons and investigate murders, drawing on the staples of film noir grittiness and cynicism. The included adventure and story ideas immerse you into the world of film noir, so even if you don't want to the run them, you've still got a lot of info with which to work to flavor your setting or inspire ideas.

"...a ton of seeds to get the juices flowing for scenario ideas!"

"Mean Streets is a nice fit to the GDi line."

"A work of genius... Mean Streets IS Noir, and its unbelievably fantastic... Mean Streets is a masterpiece... unequaled system and setting material to run Noir adventures... and could be useful to anyone who's interested in doing any kind of modern Crime drama... I can't recommend this game enough... "

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