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Biographical profile of Andrew Carnegie, one of the wealthiest American tycoons of the Gilded Age, the late 19th century when America's moguls amassed great fortunes and lived extravagant lifestyles. Countless books and articles refer to Carnegie as a "robber baron." A few hail him as one of America's greatest industrialists and philanthropists, a man who gave away more than $300 million before his death in 1919 -- 90 percent of his fortune -- and much of the balance after his death. Referring to Carnegie as a robber baron is overly simplistic, poor stereotyping and fails to acknowledge his immense philanthropic and educational contributions--he personally funded the construction of 3,000 libraries. Award-winning author and syndicated columnist Daniel Alef, who has written more than 300 biographical profiles of America’s greatest tycoons, tells Carnegie's remarkable story in a fresh and exciting way. [1,355-word Titans of Fortune article].

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Andrew Carnegie

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