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The Beast of Rickards Road appeared out of the darkness one October night and terrorized the small community of Walkertown, NC. Is it a hoax perpetrated by a person wearing a dark suite or a demon with supernatural powers on the loose in a rural farming community? In the second ghost story, the ghostly murders have been unexplained for over a century, until the sheriff's department hires a private investigator to solve the serial murders out on Payne Road. The investigator, Bill Christian meets Clara Bell and Wilber Parker, as they join forces to battle the evil demon out on Payne Road! Bill Christian goes to Old Salem to research the old records of the early Moravians to look for clues in his investigation. They must ask the Cherokee Nation for spiritual assistance because they are in for the battle of their very lives! Will the demon slayers uncover lost treasure from centuries past?

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ISBN: 9780595913725
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