Beyond climate warming, the environmental crisis encompasses matters of energy supply, deforestation, food production, biodiversity loss, water management, waste disposal, human health and psychology, raw materials, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, and the paradoxes of technological, economic, and military prowess. Geocide unravels the enigma of environmental degradation in search of ecumenical and pragmatic solutions.
Some of the cutting edge techniques and strategies introduced in Geocide include:
A new liquid fuel process that could turn the U.S. into a net exporter of oil
A climate change strategy that is fair to both developing and post-developed nations
A technique to end landfilling plus recover previously landfilled waste
Following each chapter, a series of frequently asked questions provides concrete answers on day to day matters such as:
Should I cook with natural gas or electricity (microwave, toaster oven, etc.)?
What fish to eat to save endangered fisheries around the world?

What is better for the environment, throwing food waste into the trash or down the drain with a food disposal?

Is there anything we can do with nuclear waste?

Should I consume GMO foods?

Intended for non-environmentalists and specialists alike, Geocide presents an overview of the burgeoning field of Environmental Science and Policy―including the latest research and most advanced theoretical thinking. A book specific web site will keep you up to date in this fast moving field.
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