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Set in Woodstock England, Che' Athien, a wealthy, army General travel to the Caribbean, where he fell in love and married a common girl name Akeila. The book tells of the struggles that the couple had to go through in making their marriage a success. There were many obstacles in their way, which came in the form of a mother who believes that her daughter-in-law was not worthy to carry the family name and did whatever it took to get rid of her. Michelle the ex-fiancee, who could not let go of Che' since she was obsessed and madly in love with his fame and fortune. Finally Franko who wanted to get revenges for his family and blames Che' for their death. At first the couple failed miserable at their marriage and was separated by lies and deceitfulness. Not being able to deal with the problems, Akeila ran away and made a home for herself in New York City. Years later she was reunited with her husband who lately discovered that he had a son. Franko and Michelle developed an unhealthy, secret relationship and used Akeila as a pawn in their game to accomplish what they desperately wanted. The book also points out the strong bonds and love between families. The couple successfully triumphant over social class, culture and riches, proving that love conquers all and they were destined to be together.
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