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Mary Kennedy - I Am A Thought of You
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Adapted from translations from Chinese, this is a collection of delicate and graceful poems by Sie Thao, who lived in the ninth century, that are alive to the joys of nature. Her name means Waving Grass. She wove herself and her songs into the hearts of lovers, and has been, in turn, woven by them into legends, legends that have been adopted by other countries.
Poet, playwright, actress and author, Mary Kennedy recalls that she found a copy of Sie Thao's poems in the original Chinese in a Shanghai bookshop. “From English renderings of these, and from other sources more recent, I have adapted the poems in this book.”
Marianne Moore wrote of this work, “Sie Thao: an ancient poet grieves and Nature's beauty is a language that the reader cannot resist. Only the translator can effect such magic ... a poet of Mary Kennedy's sensibility.” Lin Yutang wrote, “Translation of poetry is such a difficult thing. Many have tried, but I think you have got the quintessence of Chinese poetry by the fine feeling for English words.”
The book includes a small selection of original poems by Kennedy. Publication of this work was made possible by Kennedy’s grandson, Michael Cook.
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Mary Kennedy - I Am A Thought of You

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