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A Road Well Traveled
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The great American automotive pioneers were entrepreneurial inventors and visionaries who changed the American landscape and brought us a new national culture. These pioneers lifted the veil of isolation that enveloped most pre-twentieth century Americans and made it possible for the average person to travel whenever and wherever he or she pleased. Automobiles changed the concept of transportation and more so, how and where we lived, worked and played. Many lessons can be drawn from these pioneers and the fascinating lives they led.

"The great American automobile pioneers played a major role in creating the nation we have today and Daniel Alef's book, A Road Well Traveled, brings to life their stories, achievements, successes and, at times, failures. Some were mechanical geniuses; others great businessmen who could sell their dreams and make them come true. Anyone passionate about cars, vintage, antique or classic, and there are millions of us, will find a mother lode of information in this well written book."
Andy Granatelli, "Mister 500" and automotive icon

"As the reader will learn, the automotive pioneers outlined in the following stories may represent the first group of true industrial entrepreneurs and may actually set examples of what can be accomplished today to rebuild our industrial base."
Thomas T. Stallkamp, Former Vice Chairman and President of DaimlerChrysler Corporation.
Foreword by Thomas T. Stallkamp.

The Pioneers:
David D. Buick
Roy Chapin
Walter Chrysler
Horace and John Dodge
Fred & Augie Duesenberg
William C. Durant
Charles & Frank Duryea
Harvey Firestone
The Fisher Bros.
Henry Ford
Charles Goodyear
John D. Hertz
Charles Howard
Henry J. Kaiser
Charles F. Kettering
Henry M. Leland
Charles W. Nash
Ransom E. Olds
James W. Packard
Eddie Rickenbacker
Alfred P. Sloan, Jr.
Stanley Bros.
John M. Studebaker
The White Bros.
John N. Willys

Includes timetables, chapter bibliographies over 100 images and internet links to over 80 videos.
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A Road Well Traveled

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