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Brothers, Clay and Anthony Taylor are an intriguing study in contrasts. Dark skinned like his father, Clay watches as his mother favors his light-skinned brother, creating dissension and jealousy between the two boys that lasts throughout the rest of their childhood.

As adults, the tension only increases. Clay is a rough-talking, middle-class Chicago police officer, while "high yella" Anthony has become an accomplished junior executive in the world of finance. Everything has come easily to Anthony-maternal affection, athletic ability, girls, financial success-and Clay has watched Anthony's charmed life with growing envy and resentment. But Anthony finds Clay closedminded and uncivilized, and he sees his brother as an embarrassment.

When a mutual acquaintance with a hatred for Anthony causes trouble that threatens the entire family, the brothers realize that they cannot support their family without first embracing one another. The Taylor brothers learn that they have more similarities than differences, and both yearn to repair their relationship, but they must overcome past hurts, lingering anger, and selfish pride to make that happen.

A gritty novel of two brothers facing intraracial division, intimacy issues, and intense sibling discord,From Noon until Midnight is a compelling reminder about the value of family and the healing power of brotherhood.
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ISBN: 9780595893522
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