Does turning forty or fifty cause you to feel depressed? Here's good news for you. Today can be the start of the best part of your life. God has something great planned for you at every age. Let yourself be open to making some changes in your life as you read about ways to have a better relationship with God, become a healthier person, discover your personality type, and learn ways to become a living legacy.

Growing up, Esther was a strong-willed "Preacher's Kid" and although she became a Christian at an early age, a childhood tragedy and two unhappy marriages left her with anger and unforgiveness in her heart. After many years she finally surrendered control of her life to God and found the peace and joy she had always longed for. In this book she shares her story of how God healed her broken heart, mended her shattered dreams and gave her hope for the future. She hopes her story will touch your hearts and inspire you to let God do the same for you.
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