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Padded Walls
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After years of vicious beatings from her husband, Jesse's only way out of constant mental and physical abuse is to pour gasoline on her sleeping spouse and light a match. Narrowly escaping the death penalty for her crime, Jesse is committed to an institution for the insane. Padded Walls is the gripping story of one woman's search for redemption, sanity, and peace in a lifetime of cruelty and terror.

Instead of becoming restored and rehabilitated through therapy, Jesse is haunted by the memory of her husband's final, excruciating moments as he burned to death. Depressed and hopeless, Jesse tries to escape to a new life, far from the baggage of her tormented past.

Filled with a cast of crazed yet fascinating characters, Padded Walls takes us into the mind and emotions of a battered woman struggling to reclaim her life and recreate herself within the world of the mentally ill and make sense of the brutal past that drove her there. It isn't long before even Jesse is unsure whether the murder of her husband was self-defense or she has indeed lost her mind. Padded Walls leads us to a spellbinding conclusion as Jesse frantically searches for the key to unlock the truth and free herself once and for all.
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