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It is mindboggling to fathom the bureaucracy, funding, and training that is required to maintain the modern-day Church with all its trappings and performances like church services and related programs. Meanwhile, the majority of churchgoers remain passive spectators. No wonder there is high dropout rate among pastors and missionaries.

On the other hand, the New Testament Church consisted of an unorganized and uncontrolled network of families that were connected through transparent relationships of all-inclusive love—and no budget. So how did we arrive at the current situation?

“The Great Christian Travesty” is a series of five treatises that exposes the grotesque misrepresentation of New Testament Christianity within the modern-day Church. “What Is the Church’s True Address?” digs deeper into the concept of the New Testament Church and the daily life of the first Christians, answering many more questions like:

Where did the early Church meet?
What constituted a church meeting?
What occurred during these meetings?
How did a supper become a crumb or wafer?
Do church buildings negate the teachings of Jesus?
Are cell groups the answer?
What will it take to return to the original pattern?
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ISBN: 9781468934786
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