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Do you want to know some of the vital things that will help you to pull the boy or girl of your dreams? Have you ever noticed how some people find it easy to get a date? How do they do it? Why do you just clam up and shuffle your feet when 'The Fancied One' gets within a ten metre radius? Do you always seem to get it wrong in the World of Love? Written for teenagers (and for anyone thinking about dating for the first time), this book will help you to find out the answers to some of these questions. It will teach you how to make yourself more attractive; how to flirt and ask someone out; where to go; what to say and how to behave and not behave on your first date.And why do you need a book like this? Because you spend years at school or college but never get lessons on how to date, or how to find a relationship that's best for you! And knowing how to find the right person is equally important as finding the right job!In this book you will learn how to deal with particular behaviours you might come across on a date. You will learn how to deal with pushy vampire behaviour and how to assert yourself properly. You will learn why it is not always a good idea to be too much of an angel and always give in to your date. This book is crammed with essential tips and suggestions to help you feel more confident and in control, so that you can enjoy your first date in the way that you deserve!
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