Still High
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A practical, trustworthy, biblically based guarantee for anyone who is trapped in a world of addiction. In Mathew 9:12 it states, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor-sick people do”. Minister Waller candidly admits, “I was sick”. Through this book, one will discover and learn how to experience a life of Being Well. The reader will find this book easy for the eyes, real to the heart and led by the Spirit of the Living God. These pages represent Minister Waller’s personal thoughts, convictions, pains, and disappointments; as well as, his appreciations, his victories, and his unspeakable joy. This is his life. From drug dealing to spiritual healing. Minister Waller states, “There are so many people who still love to get high that I thought it was time for me to introduce them to the greatest high of them all…it will last a lifetime…and it’s a guarantee. STILL HIGH.”
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