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Writing is a release for me. It gives me the forum to transfer the feelings, thoughts, and insights stored up over decades of living to others who may feel the same way or gain some new perspective from my experience. However, simply writing about being afraid, scared, lonely, triumphant, joyful, impressed, content, or lost does little to convey to the reader the true emotion and understanding that come from those states of mind. Accordingly, I use familiar and comforting styles of text (e.g., poetry/rhyme) blended with soothing imagery to convey those feelings in a way that anyone can enjoy and benefit, both child and adult alike. My intent is always to provide two platforms of entertainment and healing. The first and the most obvious is the children’s story—about the characters, and how they interact with one another. Hopefully, it will hold the child’s attention and allow them to experience a number of emotions with the characters. More importantly, my hope is to enlighten the child, the parent, and any reader on the concepts of hope, dedication, sacrifice, parental joy, the circle of life, and how unconditional love for a child will be fruitful, regardless of the circumstances.
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781490706405
List price: $7.99
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