Unlike any other baby name book or guide, Best-rated Girl Baby Names provides exclusive—and extensive—research-based listings of girl names that actually rank as the best girl names in America, in numerous desirable categories. The information in this invaluable guide comes from solid, objective, scientifically-conducted surveys of the American population—i.e., not from Internet “crowd-sourcing.”All of the girl names in this guide have rankings at or near the top of the heap in one or more of a wide variety of categories of desirable traits and public image characteristics, as determined from national U. S. survey research.Best-rated Girl Baby Names is the only research-based “consumer guide” to America’s highest quality girl names ... the most powerful names, the most optimistic, the most confident, the most fearless, the most honorable, even the most fun-loving—there are 76 categories in total. All in one ebook.Here are some examples of categories and top-rated girl names that made the grade in Best-rated Girl Baby Names:•Powerful Girl Names. Here’s a random sample from the book’s list of “Best-rated Powerful Girl Names”: Hemingway, Victoria, Alexandria, Zora, and Keaton.•Confident Girl Names. Here are a few that, according to the survey findings, rank as the “Best-rated Confident Girl Names” in the United States: Simone, Kristen, Katherine, Angelina, and Lauryn.•Adventurous Girl Names. Here are five, randomly chosen from the guide’s rank-ordered top 20 “Most Adventurous Girl Names”: Chase, Zara, Mercedes, Oceana, and Argentina.If you haven’t yet settled on a name for the daughter you are expecting, and if you would like to give her an advantageous name, one that actually has a real, proven record of strong performance in one or more highly desirable qualities, you will find that name in Best-rated Girl Baby Names.
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