Trouble with Bullies
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Ethan faces a terrible problem at school: bullying. He just wants it to stop but is afraid of letting anyone know—especially his parents. The bullying is magnified once Chris and Jake find out that Ethan’s family can’t afford a summer vacation.
Ethan and his friends, Mandy and Nick, are frustrated and frightened as they repeatedly face the challenge of being bullied. As a part of Ethan’s “staycation,” his parents plan some fun home activities. When Ethan and his friends set up a lemonade stand, the bullies show up and almost ruin their fun. Ethan’s solution reveals the aggravation that comes from being bullied. But it is not enough to keep the bullies from coming back.
During summer break, Ethan’s involvement in reading and theater help build his confidence. Hope is finally realized when he and his friends form the “Bully Buster Club” and discover that they are not alone when several others join them to brainstorm how to cope.
When Ethan returns on the first day of third grade, he is ready and eager with his summer assignment, and he and his friends are prepared to challenge the powers that be. They realize that the bullying may not stop completely, but now they are more prepared to handle trouble with bullies.
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ISBN: 9781490800271
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