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Destiny is about two different cultures it deals with love, loss and fate and is a young adult romance novel that will appeal to everyone: fantasy readers, hopeless romantics as well as those who enjoy a good story and a happy ending. I urge my readers to read it.
The story is set during the summer of 1989 on an exotic location in the Caribbean. It reveals the great emotional love story of a young woman, Sheena growing up in a protected family, who never thought that her life would change until she met dashing Jonathan Samson the male character a wealthy rich young man who shapes her dreams and captures her heart. Their brief but passionate love story is slowly threatened by their family’s violent history that no-one knows why or when it all started. Sheena realizes that she has to be strong within herself, rely upon her own strengths and fight for everything that is good and important to her, and to those who she loves.
I hope I have created strong characters that my readers will form a bond with, and they would want them to be happy and to succeed, and that they would want to know how the story unfolds. I hope that when they pick the book up, they are intrigued to learn about these characters, and each event; they are a part of by reading about it. They are encouraged to keep reading and keep learning to know what will happen next. I hope they will feel as though they know Sheena and Jalissa and Datilda, and all the other important characters within the book and that this story has made them feel as though they have been a part of these people’s lives.
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781466999220
List price: $3.99
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