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This sequel tale to The Prophesy Rhymes of Tal Kator is just as riveting as the first. It tells of young Jon the monk and his rise to the top of Cobblestone Abbey. With the King and his men hot on his trail, Jon unravels the ancient secrets hidden in the rhymes of the Prophet Tolk, to help him find the lost Tomb and its mysterious contents. Join Jon in his quest to save the faith of the people of Cobblestone. Step back in time and walk the halls of Stone Castle and see why these Prophesies have captured the hearts of so many.

About the Author
Darren Shell lives and works on Dale Hollow Lake, in middle Tennessee. He and his wife and daughter live at their family marina, and spend much of their time enjoying the lake. Darren has written numerous other books of both fiction and nonfiction. Most days, you can find him at the marina or typing away somewhere in some quiet cove, on the lake that he loves.
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