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The Trafficking of human beings for prostitution, sexual slavery, and forced labor is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. It is bigger than illegal drugs and illegal weapons in both size and scope. (According to "FREE THE SLAVES", a nonprofit human right organization)
It is almost a 20 billion dollar industry with victims totaling more than 25 million slaves. There are more people in slavery today that at any other time in history.
This story in just one story concerning kidnapping and sexual slavery.
However, this story is a unique look inside the brutal world of MOB organized crime dealing with the kidnapping, training, and abuse of the kidnapped victims from the inside.
You may and hopefully will find the contents of this book to be both sad and disturbing. But, it really happens, everyday, in one form of another, even here in the United States where it is estimated that between 50,000 and 100,000 boys and girls and young women are being held as sexual slaves every year.
Why is no one finding them? The real answer, except for a few, is because no one is looking for them.
This book, although fictional to protect the innocent, focuses on one group of kidnappers as discovered by this books special character, missy, who is like few others in the world. Because of Missy's special talents she was able to infiltrate the inner workings of the Mob and live to share what she saw and experienced.
It's a tale that may disgust you as it is downright horrible. You may need a strong stomach to read and to hear what Missy saw and experienced.
But, don't think for one minute it could not happen to your daughter or a young woman you may know.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781477110836
List price: $5.99
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