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For author Mary Slade, life has been of a journey of faith. In Silver Spurs and Sweet Memoires she narrates the story of her life and how faith played a crucial role in each and every step. She recalls her early years, moving from Texas to New Mexico and to Arizona as a young girl. She shares how she gave her life to Jesus in 1948 and describes meeting Clint, her future husband, when she was just five years old. She later eloped with him when she was fifteen. Silver Spurs and Sweet Memories narrates the story of Mary and Clint?s life together on the cattle ranch in the harsh, mountain country of eastern Arizona. Mary tells of raising their family and of caring for her husband when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer?s in 2002, including the ways that the disease changed their lives forever when it took over in 2006 An inspiring story of a wife, mother, rancher, and caregiver, Silver Spurs and Sweet Memories provides a testimony to the fact that faith functions throughout life, even in life?s darkest hours. Faith is necessary to lead one through all the storms of life.
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ISBN: 9781462729678
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