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It is October 31st. The orange harvest moon has no moonbeams. In the stables, horses feel uneasy when scary creatures appear in the night sky. Four kittens are born. One is abandoned by her mother because she is not suitably dressed in black for a Halloween ride on a broomstick. A loving horse rescues the tiny creature, no bigger than a mouse, and she is named the Mousecat. The Mousecat has most unusual eyes, which enable the strangest, scariest, and most wonderful things to happen when she goes on her own Halloween sky ride with the Moonicorns and moonicorn fairies. How could it be possible for such a tiny creature to experience so much in one dark, dark night?
Could this amazing adventure be a dream? Maybe, but the next night, the moon notices the bow of a violin near a pumpkin patch. An old skeleton, in his hurry to reach his coffin before sunrise, had dropped the bow. People and animals also noticed it, and left it there. A year later, after the next Halloween night, it was gone.
A sequel to The Moonicorn Fairies, this book once again combines fact and fantasy using Classical music, storytelling, and art.

Published: Balboa Press on
ISBN: 9781452576183
List price: $3.99
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