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“R. T. Kendall is a dear friend with a deep love for the gospel and the ministry. His words are worth reading and taking to heart.” —Ed Stetzer, author and president of LifeWay Research

The Bible commands us to make our calling and election sure. Why is it then so many Christians today struggle with the issue of assurance? Embracing the doctrine of eternal security, author Dr. R. T. Kendall, in Once Saved, Always Saved, encourages Christians struggling with legalism, bondage, and fear, and he points them toward God’s glorious promises.

First published in England in 1983, Once Saved, Always Saved presents a practical biblical and theological argument for the eternal security doctrine. It defines the “once saved, always saved” doctrine, explains the meaning of being saved, and clarifies why being saved is such a tremendous happening. This study also discusses sanctification, and it’s utter importance in Christian life, and its connection to the kingdom of God. It focuses on the judgment seat of God, showing the importance of being disciplined in the Christian life, and finally presents a strong case for believing in and living the doctrine.

Addressing an often controversial but relevant subject, Once Saved, Always Saved teaches that God is sovereign, gracious, and wanting to convey his love and full assurance to those who trust His son. Although a true Christian cannot be lost, Dr. Kendall shows the grave consequences for those who do not persevere in godly living.

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