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America, Christ’s Top Nation has Fallen begins with how Jesus Christ acting as God’s mighty right arm is absolute Sovereign Lord over all and the Creator and Great Governor of the Universe and the Savior and Benefactor to those who accept and follow him, including nations. Paul in the New Testament and Moses in the Old Testament both testify how everything that happened in Israel’s history is meant as instruction to all people and all nations and our founders understood this connection.Moses gathered everyone in Israel and then helped Israel covenant with the Lord by showing how the Lord promised nations that would follow the Lord’s ways would become a top nation and be protected and blessed in every way in a few verses and he then gave all the ways nations would be cursed and fall if they did not follow the Lord’s ways using over four times as many verses and then stated the covenant was also meant for those who were not there! Thus America became a top nation and has now fallen.Jesus Christ came to earth as the Word of God and fulfilled many Biblical prophecies including how the Lord will prove his Word. The author then used these promises to show how the Lord governs the earth with absolutes and shows how America rebelled against Christ using charts and statistics available to all on the internet.This book shows many of the ways America was blessed by his followers and how men influenced by the evil one are causing America to fall. Even devout followers of Christ will be enlightened by the insights in this book in chapters full of the ways America is falling and how he works in the lives of people saved by grace like the author. America is a great example of Jesus Christ as The Great Governor and how our Christian founders put in place Christ’s governance of America and often mentioned how America could not survive without Christ’s help. People everywhere need to know how Jesus Christ can help them and their nation be blessed as America was before our fall.
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