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The story of “Anakim of the Sun: Being Human” is about Father Antonio Rivera, a vampire who became a priest in the hopes of being cured of his blood lust. Though a member of The Church, Antonio finds himself at odd when he must confront his past and is forced to face the one thing he never did: give himself completely to God. By doing so, he realizes the theme behind the Gospel according to John: the road to Heaven is black and white; everything you do, say, think and feel will either take you closer to Heaven or take you closer to Hell… but ultimately, it’s your decision.
“Anakim of the Sun: Being Human” was originally published under Author House in 2004 as “the Anakim”, but the story and ownership of the manuscript and characters still belong solely to Dan Gonzalez and were originally finalized in the year 2000 after eight years of story and character development.
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ISBN: 9781441596505
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