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Unveiling the sordid truth shatters Lisa’s rose coloured glasses.  In her depths of despair she travels back to where it all began.  Lisa outlines her two failed marriages and exposes the volatile life she shared with Graham. Her daughter Olivia reveals a sinister incident involving Graham. Chilled to the bone Lisa collapses into her overwhelming fear and remains silent.

Years later the truth surfaces and no longer can be denied.  Katie’s confession of Graham’s incestuous act sickens her and Lisa realises that she can no longer remain silent, somehow she needs to find her voice and make a stand.

Lisa cannot protect her children alone; she seeks help from Child Protection Services and Victoria Police. She is torn; her household erupts with angry outbursts. The fear and uncertainty of what Graham will do, causes doubt as to whether she should speak up.  Feeling vulnerable, stressed and fatigued, dealing with her daughters’ molestation wears thin. Shrouded in secrecy Lisa struggles to cope with her own fears and her children’s insecurities.

Lisa embarks on a legal trek an increasingly frustrating path; at times she feels that she is the accused.  Her children are guided by the legal authorities, highlighting that she has no real control.   

Graham is arrested. After months of dotting I’s and crossing t’s the case goes to trial.  This spirals a range of explosive emotions and insecurities from Lisa and her children. The girls reveal their statements by video; Lisa opts to be in the courtroom where she faces the evil she has spent a decade of her life fearing.

Graham is found guilty of sexual acts with both girls. Lisa struggles with the victory; she has played the victim for years that life is familiar.  Now that it is over she is engulfed with uncertainty.  Her soul searching offers her a hint of sanity and slowly she realises that she is capable of another way of being. With a new perspective she discovers her strength and regains her self worth.

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