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Twisted Lies’ is a book about real life. I’m sure that if you read it, you will find that my story is not that much different from most. By no means do I consider myself unique in anyway. “Oh what web we weave, when at first we do deceive.” The truth is I’ve been locked up most of my life. Bars and walls may confine my body but freedom is a state of mind. What you believe yourself to be is who, and what you become. “As a Man Thinketh, so is he.” We believe what people tell us at a very young age, because we trust so easily. But know this one thing; what you say can affect someone’s life for the rest of their life. Things like you’re stupid, you ain’t shit and you’ll never amount to anything. Your dad or your mother ain’t shit. Be careful when you plant your seeds, and please leave them room, room enough to breathe. Most time in life when a child is born, two people consent to making thereof. What a beautiful blessing it is to bring life into this world. And though sometime things don’t always turn out just the way we would like them to, every parent deserves a chance to fill their role. Once you take a child from a parent and deny that child the right to know either one, or the other. If that person has not brought harm to that child nor poses a threat. Then you have stolen away something that you can never replace. God placed a seed in me allowing me to pass it on to you, now you and I, the two of us have a child. It’s a beautiful thing.
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