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Savannah Henninger is not the author’s real name, but the book is a real account of her spiritual opening and eventual connection to guides and beings of other dimensions through channeling.
It became clear to Dr. Henninger that she was experiencing a spiritual unfolding that was the true purpose of her current life on Earth. Beginning with an out-of-body experience and moving to a near-death experience and the spontaneous recall of her past lives, Dr. Henninger now understands her true purpose has only just begun. The sources she has contacted outside our current demission explain that the Earth is transitioning to a higher dimension; as this shift occurs, everyone will experience greater spiritual connection to the source of our creator, whom some call God.
As we go through this transition, entities from other dimensions—whom some call extraterrestrials—will assist us to make this transition. There are some entities who fear humans are not ready to join the rest of the universe as conscious partners in cocreation and have thwarted our efforts to advance. Her sources reveal that, despite their interference, the Earth will transition, and nothing can stop the changes that are already in progress.
Her guides explain we are all on the path we should be on and provides glimpses into what our immediate future may look like. If we become telepathic and in touch with other dimensions, what would our society be like? What would the future human body be like, and what sensory experiences would it be capable of? This book answers those questions and more.

Published: Balboa Press on
ISBN: 9781452578835
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