Adventures in Complexity
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In the current unpredictable climate many organisations may consider themselves ‘near the edge of chaos’. Yet most will not realise that this is where the greatest potential for success lies.

In this engaging and thought-provoking book, Lesley Kuhn provides an excellent foundation from which to apply complexity concepts and metaphors to organisations. She reveals why the edge of chaos is an inspiration; why the butterfly effect is significant; why we should look for patterns in the content of informal and formal conversations; what are the atrractors that motivate us in our work, and much more.

Through practical examples and analysis of seven organisations, from a not-for-profit to a large pharmaceutical company, we are taken on an adventure in the use of this sophisticated way of thinking, and shown how to evaluate what influences the health of an organisation and the emergence of future sustainable practice.

Complexity offers a fresh lens through which to view the ‘life’ of organisations, described by Kuhn as ‘collectives of human activity’. We are given a new perspective on organisational processes and practices, a way to change how we engage at both a local and global level. This is vital if we are not to repeat the mistakes that have led to the present, potentially catastrophic, situation.
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