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Consulting Services Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Selection of Consultants

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This updated manual for the selection of consulting services, takes into account the gradual shift from traditional design services of physical works, to assistance in the fields of poverty reduction, social development, institutional development, and reforms, as well as the environment, information technology, and other non-traditional sectors. It provides guidance on how to select, and use consultants in accordance with current Bank procedures, and on the application of mandatory provisions of the Consultant Guidelines, the Standard Request for Proposals, and related Bank policies. Moreover, it provides advice on the application of good practices on aspects of a non-mandatory nature, consistent with Bank policy on the engagement, and use of consultants. Chapters 1-8 provide an overview on the different types of consulting services financed by the Bank; Chapter 9 introduces the process for selection of consultants, while Chapters 10-15 give guidance on the preparation of shortlists, and documentation comprising the Request for Proposals. Chapters 16-18 advice on the evaluation, and selection of proposals, including contract negotiations, and, chapters 19-21 provide supervision guidance, deal with ex-post evaluation performance, and, advice on individual consultants ' employment, respectively.

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