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Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Central and Eastern Europe: A Sourcebook and Reference Guide

Length: 140 pages2 hours


Produced by the Urban Institute for the United States Agency for International Development and the World Bank Institute, the sourcebook gives access to a wealth of knowledge and information on intergovernmental finance issues in Central and Eastern Europe by providing electronic links to a large number of documents included on a CD-ROM. The documents discuss the basic concepts and principles, and describe the evolution of intergovernmental finance in the countries of the region. The printed sourcebook, which is also on the CD-ROM, serves as a roadmap to help the reader explore the documents and locate relevant materials. Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Central and Eastern Europe is especially useful for policy analysts and trainers interested in promoting an understanding of those issues in their countries. The sourcebook also provides direct electronic links to relevant training and educational materials, also included on the CD-ROM. Countries covered: Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland, and Romania

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