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Edsel Grizzler: Ghostly Shadows

200 pages2 hours


The third book in the fantastic Edsel Grizzler trilogy from award-winning author James Roy. Edsel and his friend Jacq are digging a hole under the blazing Widen sun but they know why. The railway tunnel below their feet is also a mystery. And when they finally make their way to Grand City, the list of things they don't know just gets longer and longer. Everything they see, everything they're told, just makes them more confused. Can Edsel keep the promise he made to Ben and the children of Verdada to rescue them? Why is the usually feisty Jacq suddenly so pale and forgetful? And who are the strange, ghostly figures that form wispy dreams with their bare hands? In the final, thrilling installment of the Edsel Grizzler trilogy, Edsel must not only find answers to all this and more — he must also go deep within, find his true self, and discover once and for all who he really is.

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