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How to go to Honolulu's top 50 sights by public bus!

This unique travel guide to Honolulu is all you need to get to the top 50 sights by public bus.

Concise, compact, and comprehensive, Michael Brein's guide to Honolulu shows you exactly how to go to Honolulu's top 50 sights by public transportation—by the public bus system, aka “The Bus”.

The guide simplifies Honolulu's bus system showing you which bus routes to use, which bus stops to board and exit, and, using 33 detailed mini-area-walking maps, how to walk exactly from these bus stops directly to the visitor attractions.

Additional nearby points of interest are also included along with an ultra-large map of the Honolulu public bus system with the visitor attractions clearly marked.

Michael Brein's guide shows you how to enjoy Hawaii's best travel bargain--maybe one of the world's best-kept travel secrets: How to go around the island for the price of just a single bus fare!

The guide shows you how to walk from the nearest bus stops to Waimea Valley, Polynesian Cultural Center, USS Arizona Memorial, Sea Life Park, Hanauma Bay Beach Park, Bishop Museum, Iolani Palace, Honolulu Academy of Arts, Waikiki Beach, and many more.

Note: Additional sightseeing attractions by public transportation for the islands of Maui and Hawaii (The Big Island) are included in a special free supplement available on the Michael Brein website.

The following reactions to Michael Brein's guides are typical:

“Sightseeing like the locals: U-Bahn, Tram, Underground, Metro, Bus . . . sometimes the best way to see a city is by public transportation . . .” (United Airlines Hemispheres).

“Taking public transit? These maps will help. For those who want to know where a subway will take them, there is a new series of public transit maps packed with information.” (New York Times).

"Your Metro map was the envy of my entire tour group. It made underground travel easy, and I certainly wouldn't leave home without one on any future trip" (Steve B).

Michael Brein's guide to Honolulu is part of the world's first and only travel guide series specifically designed to show travelers how to sightsee the top 50 visitor attractions by public transportation in a variety of the world's most visited cities. Use Michael Brein's guides alone or along with other popular travel guides.

Michael Brein's guides available on Scribd include: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, Honolulu, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Prague, Sydney, Vienna and Washington, DC.

Although Michael Brein's guides to sightseeing by public transportation may be new to you, nearly 200,000 others have found his guides to be the cheapest, easiest, and best way to go!
Published: Michael Brein on
ISBN: 9781886590410
List price: $8.00
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