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Life is like golf. Life is like football. Life is like basketball. Life is like a date with one you love, or someone you just like.
A hole-in-one shows success in golf. A touchdown shows success in football. A three-point basket from “downtown” shows success in basketball. Having a second date is success in dating.
Winning the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) tournament is more success. Winning the Super Bowl is more success. Winning the National Basketball Association Championship is more success. Having a marriage ceremony is more success for your life.
On the flip-side, a lost game can be a success when you take the positive experiences from it. Second-place in a tournament provides success in learning what to do differently next time. A failed date is successful when you learn how to find the type of person that complements you best.
Re-Defining Success: Finding New Hope helps you see a larger picture for your life. Re-Defining Success: Finding New Hope is written to help you see your life from a new perspective and to encourage you. Your life has a plan designed by God, and Re-Defining Success: Finding New Hope can help you find that plan.
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