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The Business Value of DB2 for z/OS: IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator and Optimizer

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Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first release of DB2, this book highlights the important milestones, capabilities, and impacts of the database management software for IBM’s mainframe operating system. Special focus is given to IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator, covering the key design and operational aspects that enable IBM DB2 for z/OS clients to benefit from faster performance, reduced CPU usage, and lower costs. The second half of the book discusses performance enhancements and cost-saving measures in the version 10 release and is rich with hints and tips for a successful upgrade. A special section on query performance and IBM DB2 Optimizer illustrates how DB2 10 addresses customer issues such as reducing total cost of ownership while maintaining stability and reliability. The final section is a collection of case studies in which DB2 10 for z/OS customers share their migration experiences and articulate the business benefits they are seeing since upgrading to the new release.

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