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Featuring four construction methods double-point needles, two circular needles, the magic-loop method, or straight needles this instructional manual introduces beginners to the nuances of making mittens. The patterns also include a variety of color, stitch, and surface variations that knitters can master to make unique creations, such as Fair Isle, Intarsia, Twining, and Drop Stitch. Accompanied by full-color step-by-step photographs, the pattern themes include Moulin Rouge, Celtic Moors, Provincial Garden, Lil’ Bambinos, Bollicina, and Erin Isles and include sizing options for kids and adults.

Topics: Knitting, Crafts, Fashion, Prescriptive, Illustrated, and How-To Guides

Published: DRG an imprint of Independent Publishers Group on
ISBN: 9781592173457
List price: $9.95
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