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Educating the Net Generation
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In examining the unique characteristics of the Net Generation, this book addresses the national problem of escalating high-school dropout rates and student disengagement and offers solutions as to how to best involve students of the millennial generation. Besides contrasting this generation’s educational needs and expectations to those of their Gen-X parents and Baby Boomer grandparents, the narrative examines why many students resist participating in formalized education in schools and drop out. Subsequent chapters featuring student interviews and photographs synthesize the perspectives of current high schoolers as to their experiences, beliefs, and thoughts on learning while a parallel set of parent interviews, surveys, and photographs reveal what factors parents feel are important in their child’s education and how they would like to see schools engage their children in learning. Recommendations for changes in school policy and financial investment critical to turning the situation around are also included, along with an inventory/checklist for parents, teachers, and school administrators to determine if their individual school environment has what it takes to keep students motivated and engaged.
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Educating the Net Generation - Bob Pletka

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