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Turning Wood with Carbide Tools
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Everything a woodturner needs to know about using and implementing the exciting new technology of replaceable carbide cutting tips is included in this guide. Woodturning tools have taken a quantum leap since the recent introduction of these tips that have greatly simplified the task of turning in dry stock. Carbide-tipped woodturning tools are safer, faster, easier, and more efficient than traditional tools that require grinding the end of a piece of fluted steel to one of dozens of subjective profiles. The technology of the carbide cutters is fully explained, as are the various shafts and the function of the handle designs, providing insight into how and why these cutters act as they do, and why they are shaped as they are. Removing the intimidating aspects of turning, the guide explains the elimination of sharpening, addresses the issues of chatter and fatigue, and advises on maintenance, techniques, and usage. A number of projects are includedsuch as a candlestick, spinning tops, and a basic bowlthat can be completed right away by novice turners, rather than waiting for years to gain enough experience to do the same job with traditional tools.
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Turning Wood with Carbide Tools - John English

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