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Golden Serpent

444 pages12 hours


Alan McQueen is on the trail of the world's most dangerous terrorist—a man he thought he'd killed years ago—in an action-packed adventure guaranteed to satisfy even the most seasoned spy-thriller aficionado Tough Aussie spy Alan McQueen was once a star of the global intelligence community, renowned for having shot and killed Abu Sabaya, the world's most dangerous terrorist. But during a routine assignment in Indonesia, McQueen—aka Mac—discovers that Sabaya is not in fact dead. Instead he's teamed up with a rogue CIA veteran and is armed with a cache of stolen VX nerve agent he's threatening to deploy in a dramatic and deadly manner. Battling to stay one step ahead of Sabaya's hit-men, CIA double agents, and deep corruption within Australian intelligence, Mac must find the stolen VX before it's too late. His mission will take him on a chase through South-East Asia and test all of his courage and ingenuity.

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