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Did you ever feel like you are two separate selves - one who wants to do his own thing and one who wants to serve God? Which one wins out in your life? Maybe it is not always easy to understand who is winning. A better understanding of the nature of these two selves will help you serve God more completely and you and God will win.

Mr. Jones explains these two sides of human nature, focusing on why God created us the way he did. Although self-centeredness is natural in infants and toddlers, Mr. Jones says, letting it dictate our behavior as we grow older leads only to sin. We are a lifelong work in progress, constantly learning how to keep our selfishness in check so that we might learn God’s will. But Jones does more than explain our dual nature. You’ll also learn how to strengthen your inner, God-led self; how to distinguish the motivation to serve yourself from the motivation to serve God; how to be successful in a worldly sense and please God at the same time, and even how to choose a church that is right for you.

Are you ready to lead a truly God-centered life? You’ll feel better equipped to do just that once you’ve learned about your inner and outer selves and how to let God take charge. Our self-centered, outer selves may never go away, but with His help, we can strengthen our inner selves and thereby deepen the joy and assurance found in serving Him.

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ISBN: 9781462723485
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