Someone wants to destroy Shadowland. Bobby has to save this land of magic and friends and giants. But how far will he go, and what price is he prepared to pay?

Bobby is a boy who lives in two worlds. During the day, his life is ordinary; during the night, he exists in Shadowland.
Shadowland is a world of easy magic and wonderful creatures. There are friends and giants and adventures. But there is also evil.
When Bobby allowed other children to join him in Shadowland, he also gave access to someone who did not belong there. Someone who’s only wish was the total destruction of Bobby and his magical world.
When the Roarbeasts disappear, Bobby has only the untrustworthy guidance of The Past and Future Book and the enigmatic pronouncements of Stark to help him save them. He can’t risk his friends; he has to protect them as well as Shadowland.
But he can’t use magic, for that would give victory to his unknown enemy.
So, on an unnamed horse, carrying a sword with no name, he sets off to save Shadowland.
But his friends will perform incredible feats of magic to be with him, no matter what the cost to themselves or to Shadowland .
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