The Force of LOVE, Gives life to all things, It can be seen in all of creation. The force of love, Causes us to care for each other, Forgive one another, And love without fear. The force of love, Embrace all colours, Young and old, Rich or poor; It is beautiful.(Title Poem).
This is Worrel’s third publication of poetry. In his previous two works, “Worth Contemplating” and “Thoughtful Reflections, “he focused broadly on the love of God, toward us and how it is, or should be emulated by children of God, whose lives reflect the attributes of the God they serve. Hedivulgedhisobservationofconsequencesforthelackofloveaswellasthepleasantrewardsorbenefitsthatarederivedfromactivelysharingloveeven(asGodcommands)withyourenemyorsomeonethatishardtolove.Thispublication,” The Force of Love,” is described in the paragraph above which is the title poem. In This publication, Worrel addresses more circumstantially, the injustice, prejudice, blind sightedness or ignorance; and painful consequences of the absences of love in our life situations. He also declared the bold hope which all of us can have in the assurance of God’s unconditional love especially when facing challenges and uncertainties. Finally, as far as humanity is concerned, Worrel broadly distinguishes the dearest of all expressed love: The love of a mother. This privileged expression is widely recognized and honoured in this collection of poetry. An encouraging look into the exploration of love as it is expressed this time in a raw, candid and personal revelation.
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